Lilloosh was born to create and share pet health information. From Dog Nutrition to Cat Care, our pet-loving writer’s team creates new articles every week to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends & news. While we try to grow awareness on different diets, It is essential to meet and consult with your vet.

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Cat’s Dietary Related Illnesses

Cat’s Dietary Related Illnesses

Nutrition & Cats Cats are sensitive creatures and can be easily afflicted by poor diet and nutrition. While some illnesses are mild and quickly treated, some nutritional issues can cause long-term or even life-long health conditions. Share on facebook Facebook

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Dog Diets

6 Popular Dog Diets in the US

popular Dog Diets Which are the most popular dog food diets in the US, and which is right for you? When it comes to great dog food, nutrition is usually number one on our minds. Which US dog diet would

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Pet Adoption

Pet Adoption

Adopt We are a world of animal lovers. While dogs remain the most popular pet, there are households worldwide with some form of animal companion, whether it is a cat, rabbit or even a reptile. In 2020, the world changed

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Common Nutritional Dog Health Problems

Benefits of Fresh Food Diets Common nutritional dog health problems that may be resolved simply by changing food & activity habits Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on reddit Reddit Share on whatsapp

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liloosh.com Fresh Food

Healthy Fresh Food – Price Compare

Fresh Cooked Food for Pets Fresh Food. Have you been wondering, what is in my dog’s food? Is my dog receiving all the necessary nutrients that he needs? Can dog behavior be influenced by fresh food? We have gathered some

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dogs in winter

2021 Winter is coming

Finally, getting rid of the year 2020. Probably one of the worst years the modern world had to face. With hope, the new vaccinations will put an end to this rollercoaster, and things will get back to normal. Maybe even

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